January Fan-dom! And December. Oops.

OK.  So I realized that I 100% forgot to make a December Fan-dom post.  Whoops.  Let’s just say-Christmas shopping!  Presents!  Happy children!  Yards of wrapping paper!  New Year’s! 2012! Woot!  Ok.  There you go. 

Moving on to January:


I’ve watched this show from the beginning, and we’ve had a love/hate relationship ever since Season 2 started.  First of all-WAY too much space between new episodes.  I know these actors rehearse like 22 hours a day to create a one hour show, but I do not care.  Want more Glee!  Gimme!  Now!  No waiting two weeks!  Now!

 Sometimes they try to run too many plots at once without really moving any forward.  Sometimes they focus too hard core on one type of song and it annoys me.  But sometimes they get it all right and then this show is just awesome.  I appreciate how they tackle issues like homosexuality and teen pregnancy.  But honestly, I watch it because I adore the music.  Yeah, I’m a Gleek.

We Found Love by Rihanna

I hated this song.  And then I kind of liked it.  And then they used it on Glee when Will proposed to Emma. (And that happened like four weeks ago, so if that’s a spoiler for you-tough.  There’s a 3 week limit on spoilers.)  And then I loved it.  So I downloaded it.  And now it is my ringtone the end.

Emma and Will Proposal


She gets to see the lights. Heh. Spoiler #2!

The more I watch this movie, the more I like it.  I love that Disney has done such an amazing job of turning its princesses from “poor me” girls waiting to be rescued into independent young women that fight for what they want.  I love it!  And the songs and animation and little in jokes are amazing.  If I ever bother to renew my vows, you’ll probably hear “I See the Light.”  Because it’s beautiful.

El Nina.  Or global warming.  Whatever.

I don’t know where exactly to assign credit, but to whatever allowed me to take my daughters outside to play several times in December and January: Thanks!  You rock!  And sun and warmth mean little to no seasonal affective disorder, which is totally cool with me.  Gotta say I’d like at least ONE snow day though!

Turning 30

It was pretty awesome.  See here.  Also here.

Kahlua K-cups


Seriously.  The only thing that could make these better is probably a little bit of actual Kahlua.  But still.  Hands down the best K-cups I have ever tried.  And I’ve tried lots!  Got a Keurig?  Go buy some!  Cuz I ain’t sharing!

Zesty Italian Chicken

Chicken breast, 2 cans cream of chicken soup, 1 bar cream cheese, 1 pack dry Italian dressing.  Throw in crockpot.  Shred chicken.  Serve over pasta.  My kind of recipe: lazy, cheap, and delicious.



Dirty Thirty

As I sit here typing at my computer, I look at the clock and realize I have less than 6 hours left of my twenties. And I know some people take that as just one more chance to have a big old get drunk blow out, but I will not be doing so.

I am (virtually) (almost) (kinda) thirty and I have never once been drunk. Nor do I plan to be. Not on my life list, really.

Am I a little uneasy about turning thirty? Sure. It means I’m “old” depending on who you ask. But one thing makes it lots easier:

I’m RIGTH where I want to be right now.

When I was younger, I pictured myself at thirty with a husband, a happy marriage, a nice home, three children, and a teaching career, hopefully in my alma mater district.

Ok, so I don’t have three kids. Yet. But other than that, done, done and done. I am so happy with my life. Are there things I would change? Sure. Who doesn’t have a few? But to see myself edging up on thirty and still have all my dreams right on track? I don’t think many people can say that. It’s something to be proud of.

A decade is a long time. Your first decade is spent learning how to basically be a human being. To interact, read, write, behave (or not). Your second decade is spent being most likely a teenager with some sort of temporary personality disorder. (Have I never been drunk? Yes. Was I still a crummy teenager? Also yes.)

But my twenties were truly a whirlwind decade of change. I really figured out who I was and got myself aligned in the right direction, I am so, so blessed!

Let’s just take a peeky…

2002-(20) I was working at KinderCare in the toddler room, and going to college while living at my parents house. I was madly in love with my then boyfriend, Kirk since Dec. 99.

2003-(21) Still at KinderCare, still in school, moved into an apartment with Kirk and became his fiancee in July!

2004-(22) Still at KinderCare, still in school, still at the apartment, married August 14 to my soulmate and the best man on Earth. Sorry ladies, he’s taken. Journeyed to San Diego, Tijuana, Key West, Cozumel, and Belize…quite the awesome year.

2005-(23) Still at Kindercare, STILL in school, bought our little happy home in March and moved right in. And adopted our dog Sadie!

2006-(24) Still at Kindercare (God I was there a long time), living in our home, and I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education with a reading endorsement from the University of Akron (Summa cum laude..I know, I brag). Five days after graduation, I find out I’m pregnant with our first baby! As our “babymoon,” we visit Puerto Rico, St. Thomas (a.k.a. heaven on Earth), St. Maarten, and the Bahamas. We know that’ll be the last time we travel far for a while!

2007-(25) Still at KinderCare (sigh), and on February 15th, life forever changed when we welcomed Corinne Nicole into the world!

2008-(26) Through a miracle, I get offered a position at Catholic school for the 08-09 school year. Two months after I start, that little pink line turns up again!

2009-(27) Ashlynn Cari brings our family total to four when she arrives quite judiciously four days after the school year ends on June 8th!

2010-(28) Through a set of circumstances that can only be described as orchestrated by God, I interview and get hired to teach at my alma mater school district. Also? I got an Iphone!

2011-(29) Life settled down and things have been awesome. The girls are growing, the house is holding up, and plots and plan for baby #3 are in the wings. Attempting my master’s degree has become both more intriguing and more horrifically scary.

2012-THIRTY..well, tomorrow!

It’s amazing how I can start a decade living at home, in college, childless, single, and just ten short years later have my own home, degree, dream job, fantastic husband, and two gorgeous children. Home ownership, career, wifehood and parenthood in ten years or less! I should make an infomercial or something!

Can a decade be a long time? I suppose, if you look at it that way. But for me, it flew by so fast it feels like I missed most of it!

Bring it on, thirties. I’m ready for you to be the best yet.