And Then This Happened…

I have not written a post in forever, and I gotta say…that’s probably going to keep happening for a while.  Sorry.  Life is awesome and amazing and so, so crazy busy.

Last time we talked, in this post, I had just finished up getting my classroom ready for the school year.  I was as prepared as I could ever be for a group of wildly diverse 1-4 grade gifted students!

And then this happened**…

The first day of school!!  It was everything I ever dreamed!  My students are so very fantastic.  Intelligent, intuitive, but still just kids…fun-loving kids.  But then I went home and cried a little.  Cuz whoa.  I SO want to do things right for them.  I’m glad I have such a wonderful school district to support me.  Our biggest challenge is classroom management. (I have 28 kids that are SO VERY smart enough to know how to get away with things.)

Maybe my aide said it best…someone walked past her in the hall and said “Hey, how’s Amy doing?”  And she replied, “You know!  Crazy!  Stressed! On cloud nine!”  That about says it all. 🙂

And after the first week, I started to get into the swing of things.

And then this happened…

Grad school!

Now seriously, I do enjoy the pertinence and challenge of grad school.  Not so sure about the challenge of grad school with papers to grade and lessons to plan and…stuff.  BUT..I’m gonna get through it. And I plan on getting a freakin’ A, too.  Cuz that’s how I roll.

And then this happened…

Ashlynn started preschool.  My baby, my little one, my precious girl.  She headed right off to school and never even looked back.  No tears, no crying for Mommy, just a huge smile and heading off to school.  I still haven’t figured out if that made it easier or harder.

And then this happened…


Corinne started kindergarten.  She popped out of bed her first morning like toast from the toaster.  She’s been ready for kindergarten since she was, um, about 2 years old.  She’s right down the hall from me (which I love), and she adores her teacher.  Her friends.  The cafeteria.  Art class.  Lunch.  Recess.  All of it.  She talks about nothing else.  I’m proud to say I made it through orientation without tears, although I did almost lose it when she leaned over and said “I’ll miss you, Mommy, but I’ll see you at the end of the day!”

And then this happened…

Baby Number 3!

Now don’t take this wrong-this baby was totally planned.  I’ve always wanted three, and the whole time I was pregnant with Ashlynn, I just felt it wasn’t the last time.  This time is-so I plan on savoring it!  I’m due on April 15th (or, as the doctor said: “More due than just taxes that day!  Harhar)  And seriously, I am that sickening girl that loves being pregnant.  Except right now, I am just sickening.  Sick as a dog.  And “morning sickness” be damned.  24/7.  I wake up at 3am to pee and also feel the need to gag.  So yes, I am savoring this pregnancy.  But yes, I am also looking forward to a time when stifling nausea is no longer my hobby.

**I would like to clarify that these things did not happen in this chronological order, but rather all in one giant crazy whirlwind clump of like a week and a half.  Woooooo!!

I promise to be back.  Sometime.  Soonish.  Hopefully.  Probably!


Excuses. I am bad at them.

You gotta love some people with new babies and/or first pregnancies.  Cuz they have weird ideas.  And I probably had the exact same weird ideas.  But now I know better.  Like this whole “my baby needs all new stuff” mentality.  Hardy har.

The first time you lay out $25 bucks on an outfit that uses 1/4  yard of fabric…and then your kid barfs orange on it the first time it gets worn, your tune will change.  Promise.

Not all people have this mentality.  Which is awesome.  Me, I’m a bargain hunting momma.  Garage sales, resale shops, I’m all over it.

Because I know one thing…whether I spent $2 or $20 on an outfit, there are only two options….

A) They will stain it.

B) They will not stain it, but they will grow out of it.

So thank you, I would rather spend the $2.  Obie-kaybee.

I was not aware there was a soapbox there…but I think I just got off it.


Consignment sales.  I love’em.  A local church has them twice per year, and at first I was a buyer…then a volunteer…then a consignor…and now I’m usually all three.  (The addiction-it grows.)  It’s seriously like visiting 40 garage sales in one pop.

Here’s the one that I use. For those of you living in northeast Ohio.

Plus, it’s like having your own garage sale only not as much work.  You type up tags on the computer, pin them to your stuff, drop it off, volunteer (if you want), pick up the leftovers, and get a check in the mail a week later.  I love it.

I also spend approximately the same amount I make.  But whatever.  So in reality all this is leading up to the fact that my excuse for not blogging lately is that I have been working on consignment sale stuff.

In other news:

Life, it is exciting.  There is a full-time spot open in my district and I should be interviewing for it sometime next week.  Looks like I have a good shot.  If I can get it, it will make all the difference in the world for my family. (No pressure.)  Plus, it is a gifted teaching spot, which was kind of always my end goal, I just never imagined it would be a possibility in my 5th year of teaching.  (Districts usually only have 2-3 gifted teachers, so spots are pretty rare.)

I get weird looks from some people and most teachers when I tell them I want to teach gifted.  The general idea is that it is much like herding cats…but then I taught preschool for 10 years…so herding cats I can handle.  Plus, I was a weird little gifted kid myself.  So I get it.

I had a rough week when I registered Ashlynn for preschool and Corinne for kindergarten.  My babies are growing up!  I need a new one! Pronto!  Ashlynn’s preschool is lottery drawn.  We didn’t win that big $600 million lottery (possibly because we didn’t play?) so I’m thinking that should improve our chances..right?  Statistics aren’t my strong point.

My children are currently addicted to Barbies and Skylanders, but that is a whole new post in itself.  Let it be said that I am THE PortalMaster, and we’ll leave it at that for now.

Let me leave you with this conversation…as it is possibly the best one I have ever heard, and seriously, we all need a good laugh.

(I was in the living room, I overheard all this from the kitchen where my husband was cooking dinner while the girls watched/helped.)

Kirk: Shit.

Corinne: Daddy, why did you say shit?

Kirk:  Don’t say shit!  It’s a bad word!

Ashlynn:  Hey Daddy!  Dammit is a bad word, too!!


I laughed my ass off.  (Oops, ass is a bad word, too.)