Mommy Brag Blog

Parenting engenders a lot complaining.  I can see why.  You get this little bundle of joy popped into your arms (I’m not even going to get into the complaining before that, since it’s usually just the mom’s territory), and you take it home and it wakes you up and makes weird smells and creates noise pollution in your formerly quiet home.

Plus you can’t even have parties whenever you want.  Yeesh.

But this is a positive blog with a positive spin, and although I have been known to whine about my children like every other parent, today is not the day for that.

My kids are awesome.

  • They fall asleep between 8 and 9pm.  They stay asleep until at least 7:30am.  They have done this since Corinne was 15 months old and Ashlynn was 9 months old.
  • If, by chance they wake up earlier than 7:30, I can give them a stack of books and they will sit in bed and read until I tell them it’s time to “wake up.”
  • They say truly hilarious things.  All the time. 
  • They are very huggable.  I even hug them when they don’t want me to.  Because they are smaller than me and I can sneak up on them and squeeze them until they collapse into giggles.
  • Corinne potty trained herself.  Ashlynn is in the process.
  • This seems like ancient history, but they both weaned themselves from the breast and the bottle.  Ashlynn dropped her pacifier overnight and never looked back.
  • They take simultaneous naps.  Which means I can, too.
  • They help me set the table and get their dishes for themselves, AND they put them in the sink when they are finished.  Oh yeah, I train’em early.
  • If I come home from work and Corinne is awake while Ashlynn naps, she’ll cuddle on the couch with me and let me doze.  She’ll even wake me up when her show is over.
  • Their take on the world and questions give me a constant new perspective on life, the world, and how I see things.  I love it.