July Fan-dom

Once again, I have been most regrettably absent.  My apologies.  I gotta tell you though, it’s only going to get worse once the school year starts.  I do adore my little bloglette, but with school and grad school and two kids in school- (School in every flavor, really.) -I just know the blog is going to suffer.

So, things I enjoyed in July.  Sorry it’s August 12th and all.


I mentioned it this post, but it deserves another go ’round.  Clean, family- friendly.  Amazing.  I’d recommend it in a red-hot second to anyone with younger children.  Thrill-seekers?  Not really, since there are only two coasters.  But families? Oh yes!  Please try out this park!  You can tell them I sent you and you’ll…get a funny look probably.  So maybe don’t tell them that. 🙂


This is my new favorite site!  I freaking love to read as I have mentioned before.  But books are expensive.  And yes, I own a Nook, but that doesn’t replace my irrepressible desire to hold an ink and paper book and breathe in lignin fumes. Thriftbooks lets me do that.  Very similar to its cousin half.com, it offers thousands of books at bargain prices, plus they ALL have free shipping!  Heaven on Earth for a bibliophile like me!  Check it out!

How I Met Your Mother

This show.  Legendary!  Fans will get it.  If you liked Friends, you’ll like this show.  And since I still cry myself to sleep at night over the series finale of Friends (not really), I’ve been looking for a substitute light comedy.  This is it.  My husband and I stream it on Netflix and quite frankly laugh our asses off.  We tried to watch one episode while the girls were around, thinking it was a “kid safe” show, but of course that was the one episode that Barney yelled the word PENIS and then Corinne had to run around demanding to know what a penis is.  So we wait until they go to bed to watch now.  Still.  A laugh a minute.  Love it!


This band is great.  I fell in love with their song “We Are Young” after I heard it on Glee, and when I heard the new single “Some Nights,” I just gave in and bought the CD.  I think it’s the first CD I’ve purchased in like three years.  Usually I just download a song or two off Itunes, but the whole CD is really, really good.  I’ll attempt to post the video for Some Nights below, but my blog seems to have something against videos.

Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef

I know that the reality TV ship has long since sailed, but I remain a die-hard fan of these two shows every summer.  (And Survivor and The Amazing Race in the fall.)  There’s just something about cooking competition shows!  I watch them on Food Network all the time, too.  Also, I think Chef Ramsay is a hoot.  Telling someone to piss off might be on my bucket list.  This should be my cue to put a recipe on my July Fan-dom list, but unfortunately I was extremely lazy in July and cooked nothing new.  Sorry!


The Good Day


Don’t say it too loudly, but Northeast Ohio has been giving us some fantastic weather lately.

Yeah, I probably just jinxed us.  It will probably snow 4 inches overnight.

(Not 6 inches.  That would give us a snow day, and Ohio doesn’t work like that.)

Never underestimate the chances of “More Winter” invading “Road Construction”

So anyways, awesome weather means that it has just been…great.

Today was such a good day.  It wasn’t spectacular or amazing or out of the ordinary.  It was just deliciously, deeply good.

I got a large task done at work that I’ve been tackling for a while.

I came home to hugs from my hubby and my children.  My husband watched the kids while I took a short nap.  (Naps are fantastic…but I always feel guilty for taking them.  Am I the only one?  Yeah?  Fine then.)  On the negative side, I thought of an excellent Facebook status as I dozed off…then I forgot it.  Wisdom lost for all time, folks.

After my nap we played and did art together and practiced Corinne’s letter cards.  We read some stories.  We watched some Scooby Doo.

For dinner I made one of our favorites, Brunswick stew.  For once, the girls were happily occupied in their own toy kitchen and did not attempt to fall in the soup/add toys to the pot/drop bar stools on my feet.  I also made some ranch snack crackers. SO addicting.  Those crackers turned out to be all Ashlynn ate for dinner, but whatever, you know?  She’s not going to starve to death.  She’ll just be…ranchy, I guess?

And she’ll have great views and horses and invite mom to come for vacation every winter…oh sorry. Got distracted.

After dinner we grabbed popsicles and played outside until dusk fell.  We came in and did the pajama routine, then we started Stuart Little.  The girls saw the movie and fell in love, and bibliophile that I am, I couldn’t let it go at that.  A) I’ve been dying to start reading them chapter books, and B) They did a truly awful job with that movie.

Hugs and kisses and the girls were in bed, on time, and with a minimum of excuses to get up and whining.

(I swear, the other night Ashlynn got up FOUR TIMES to ask me if I was going to feed her breakfast the next morning.  I know sarcasm is lost on young children, but I was finally like “What?! Do you think I would suddenly and randomly decide that tomorrow is the first day in your life I would cancel breakfast?!  TO SLEEP!!!!  GO!!!”)

Also the dog stalked neighbors out the window while totally missing the squirrel two feet from the house that was making faces at him.  Thank God we have an electronic security system.

Now it’s time for a bath and a book and probably some brain-rotting tv.  Hopefully no insomnia, as my pre-interview jitters have turned into “the million things I want to do with my class next year” ideas and I’ve been running on fumes the past week.

My husband will be home soon.  I love and miss him and we’ll probably curl up on the couch together.  What was that noise?  Did you hear that?  It sounded like gagging.  Oh well.  Must be imagining things.

Ooooo, and it sounds like there’s a thunderstorm coming!  I sleep best with rain pouring down!

Who needs TV?

There you go.  My good day.  Deliciously, happily good. What makes your days good?  I know you’re out there, readers!  Comment and share!