August Fan-dom

I read another blog and that blogger had a good idea.  So I’m taking it.  That’s right.  Just ripping that idea right off.  Because I’m a teacher.  And we beg, borrow and/or steal whatever may work best for our students.  Apparently, that’s now seeping into my blog life.  You never know, it may seep into my real life and they’ll haul me away for five-fingering a Reese cup.  Or toilet paper.


This other blogger recaps every previous month by talking about some things that she loved or discovered or used that month that were particularly great.  So I’m calling mine

 ___(enter month name here)___ Fan-dom

because they happen to be things I was a fan of the past month.

Here goes!  August Fan-dom!

1. Baylor Beach

I love this place.  Cheap.  Gorgeous.  Wonderfully family friendly.  Clean.  And the best part is that there are loads of stuff for my girls to do.  If being a parent of a two- and four-year old has taught me anything, its that most things are designed for ages six and up!  We visited twice this summer, and next summer I’m sure it will be more!

2. Back to Schoooooolllll

HOW could a teacher possibly be a fan of back to school?!  Why, because I am thoroughly weird and adore my job, that’s why! I will say that the whole third building in three years was stretching it a bit, but actually going back to school to teach my students?  Fantastic!

3. My Cricut

I can’t get over how versatile this machine is.  I can use it to make everything from bulletin boards and flashcards to T-shirts and scrapbooks.  I caved and bought myself a new cartridge for it for the first time in over a year (Simply Charmed Cartridge) and I’m using it more than ever!  I’m joining my sister at a craft show where I’ll be selling “Scrap-Packs” of themed accents that I’ve created…look for a future post on those!

4.  The phrase “Straight Up”

Every once in a while (actually, about once a month) I seem to get hooked on a phrase, and it pops up in my conversations at least 3-4 times per day.  There is no explanation for this behavior.  But this month, it was “straight up.”  No, I don’t know why.  But if you talk to me frequently and you think about it, I’ll bet you’ll straight up remember me saying it.

5. Those last precious days of summer with my girls

No explanation required! 🙂