I Promise I Am Not Missing In Action, Nor Have I Fled the Country

I have not forgotten that I have a blog.  Promise.  But life, it happens.  Can’t help that much!  March Madness, indeed, although it has nothing to do with basketball.  Actually, I don’t give a rat’s hind end about basketball.

Anyways, here’s the update, mixed in with a few stories, happy, sad, and otherwise.  I try to write every week, sorry for the epic fail on that part lately!  When I write posts like these, I type a quick list of things I want to mention so I don’t forget anything.  And since bullets won’t cut it, I left the list as headings.  Aren’t you lucky?

Grad school

I’m going back to graduate school.  I cannot decide if I’m excited or scared to death, really.  College wasn’t exactly “hard” for me-school never really has been-I love learning and I’m what some people call smart, I guess.  But then in college I didn’t have a career and two small children.  I did, however, have a spouse and a full-time job, and most undergrad students didn’t have those and still got crummy grades, while I got good ones.  So I guess maybe things will pan out?

I’m going to get my “Master of Arts in Educational Curriculum and Instruction, focusing on Talent Development Education.”  Holy crap if that isn’t a mouthful.  Basically it means that a) I can collect from the Master’s step payscale in my district and b) I can teach gifted kids.  People say I’m crazy for wanting to teach gifted kids, but I think it just takes a special person.  Also?  I was one.  So I understand the inherent weirdness.


In early March my husband lost his paternal grandfather.  He was a fantastic, wonderful man.  He was magnificent to Kirk throughout his life, and he welcomed me into the family with open arms.  The great granddaughters we gave him brought him tons of joy, and I know he’ll be a great guardian angel for them.  He was a man that treated everyone kindly and smiled all the time.  There aren’t many like him these days, and he will be so greatly missed.  Rest in peace and with love, Grandpa H.


Sometime in the next year, we are planning another baby.  There are days when my daughters have the screaming tantrums and I think “No way could I handle three.”  Fortunately, those days are few and far between and most days I just want a third child to love.  I think it will be vastly different from the first two-Corinne was the first, so she was the only kiddo to juggle for a while (Which is good-turns out there’s quite the learning curve on babies.  Who knew?)

Ashlynn came along when Corinne was 2 1/2, so we had a baby and a toddler, which was…interesting.  By the time this baby comes along, Corinne will be 6 (6!) and in kindergarten and Ashlynn will be almost four and in preschool.  Quite the difference!  Of course, this all depends on the timing of things.  Although sometimes I worry that maybe Ashlynn and baby #3 will be too far apart…hmmmm.  For now we are just enjoying the lack of diapering occurring in our house.

Spider Fell on me

Yep.  Yesterday a spider fell on me.  I opened our garage door and when I walked in to get the wagon, a spider freaking FELL ON ME.  FROM THE CEILING.  ONTO ME.  So since yesterday at about five o’clock, every time a hair touches me or my clothes fall weird I turn into a ninja and attempt to jump out of my own clothing.  It’s happened like six times since I started typing this.  Hardy har.

Poop story

Well with that little header I’ll just bet you are excited to read this.  Ashlynn hasn’t shown up on here as having as many hilarious conversations as Corinne, but trust me-they are happening more and more frequently.  And the potty training hasn’t helped.  (I was kind of hoping to avoid the obsessed-with-potty-humor phase since I have girls, but this is not to be so.)

Ashlynn: (from the bathroom) Mom, I’m done, come help me wipe!

Me: Coming!

Ashlynn: And don’t use your finger!

Me: <gags> Ew!  WHAT?!  I am not going to use my finger!

Ashlynn: And don’t eat it.

Me:   Ashlynn Cari, don’t SAY things like that!!

Game of Thrones

Well gah.  How can Game of Thrones be exciting after that poo story?  Believe it or not, it can be.  Someone told me the show is good, and since AT&T screwed up our bill, we have free HBO so woohoo!  And it IS a good show.  But more importantly, it’s based on books!  Books, people!  3,188 pages in the first four volumes alone!  So good, thick, fat, juicy books!  Yeehaw!  I cannot wait to begin this series as a reader.  Although I must admit it totally goes against the grain to read after watching.  So I’m excited for the books to fill in the gaps from the show.

Yes, I promise to blog again before I finish the series.  Gah.  What?  You think I’m blog delinquent or something?



September Fan-dom

What I adored in September:

1. My Nook Simple Touch Reader

I sound like a total hypocrite when I say that I’m really sad Borders went out of business…but I love my Nook.  Guess I’m a hypocrite.  It’s true that I love the smell of books, adore libraries, and get a little high from cracking open a new (or much-loved) book.  But I also love the ease and convenience of being able to download an 800 page book in 20 seconds and then throw it into my purse and have it only weigh an extra 10 ounces. 

When my old friend the Sony eReader Touch went to the big electronic depot in the sky, I was lost.  Nook?  Sony?  Kindle?  Ipad?  Technology flummoxes me.  I wanted something that could download library books and use all the books I’d bought for my previous ereader.  Nook was the answer!!  I LOVE this thing and would recommend it to anyone!  Here’s my justification for my choice:

Sony Ereaders: are being phased out and got rid of their touch edition. (boo)

Kindle: Could not handle EPUB editions at the time I was buying, so I would have missed out on library books (this problem has since been fixed)

Ipad: Tempting.  But expensive.  And if I have an Ipad full of games in front of me, the odds of reading a book get significantly lower.  Plus my kids would take it.  And I have an Iphone.  Which is just an Ipad Mini.

Nook Color: Books are black and white.  Children’s books are in color.  And my Nook is MOMMY’S Nook.  So I skipped the color and the extra price tag.

2. Ramseyer Farms

I’ve been to multiple pumpkin patches in Northeast Ohio, and after going to Ramseyer 3 years ago, I’ll never go to any other.  This place is amazing!!  There are so many crazy fun things to do for kids AND adults, and their pick-your-own pumpkins are only 25 cents a pound!

Corn slide! Woohoo!

Now, given we went on a rainy, chilly day because my hubby had specially requested the day off and the weather gods were angry, we still had a fantastic time!  More so because there was hardly anyone else there, so we had free reign of the place with no waiting!

Rainy, cold duck races are SO much better than warm, sunny ones. Mostly because there aren't rude big kids shoving my kids out of the way!

 That’s how you know a place is awesome-it’s cold and rainy and you STILL love it!

Ashlynn, the pumpkin princess and Daddy the coachman

3. Karin Slaughter

If that’s not the world’s silliest pseudonym, I don’t know what is.  But I also don’t care, because this woman writes some awesome crime/thriller fiction.  Her characters are really believable and the plots are full of constant action so you never get bored.  The best part is she wrote two separate series and then a third series that combines the two.  And I love a good crossover!!

If you’re interested in her books, the first one you want to start with is “Blindsighted.”  Highly recommend!

4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

nom nom nom

I make these every fall and my hubby adores them.  The smell of pumpkin and chocolate chips in our kitchen means that fall, trick or treat, and Halloween decorations are definitely here!

5. My Friend Kristin

She’s been through some tough times lately, but she’s still an awesome person and I wanted to let her know we’re behind her 100%!  Love ya, woman! 🙂

6. Students and Family

Because we are revamping our intervention system in my school district, I just got to actually start working with kiddos this past Monday.  Love it!  I know that bureaucracy and paperwork have their place, but I’m in this job to work with students!  So happy that’s finally started happening, and now I know this school year will fly by in an absolute blur 🙂

And, as for every month, my kids and family.  My husband is amazing at keeping this family trucking along any way he can, and my kids are simultaneously crazy/hilarious/enervating/annoying/silly/surprising all the time, at one time!  Wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world…

Picture courtesy of Corinne. Because my four-year-old is an awesome photographer, that's why!