Double Standard

Sweetest Day is kind of stupid.

It started out as someone passing out candy to people who were overlooked by other holidays…the elderly, small children. 

But like everything else, we turned it into this big huge commercial thing so someone, somewhere could make money off of it.


Shame on you if you need a day on the calendar that requires you to tell the important people in your life that you love them!

Sweetest day does make me notice something, however…we seem to have this huge double standard about love in our society.

We have loads of romantic comedies and love stories and fairy tales about “true love” and how love is supposed to be.  And after you see these movies (or read the books, or whatever) people walk out sighing and thinking “Wow, I wish I had love like that…”

But here’s the double standard:

When you DO have love like that, people deride you for it and think it’s gross.

When I randomly text “I love you” to my husband  in the staff lounge and people laugh at me because “Oh GOD, you must be one of THOSE couples!”


What the hell is wrong with being one of those couples?  Yeah, we’re in love with each other.  And no, we aren’t going to freakin’ hide it because what?  People are jealous?  Embarrassed?  Afraid because they don’t have that?  Maybe because they’re afraid to show affection like that?

Why?  Why would you be afraid to show you love someone?  Be proud!  Love, real love, doesn’t happen often enough in this world!

If, against all odds, you managed to stumble upon the 1 out of 6 billion people that is made for you and makes you happy, you should be proud!

Shout it to the heavens!  Celebrate it every day! 

And…perhaps most importantly…don’t give a damn about what other people think…and don’t hide it just because they laugh or think it’s “cute” or bizarre or gross or whatever.

Celebrate your love…not just when the calendar tells you to, but every single day.  What you have is special.

Things my husband and I still do that we are never, ever apologetic for:

  • hold hands in public
  • hold hands in the car
  • kiss each other (in front of people and even our kids! gasp!)
  • hug often
  • cuddle on the couch
  • kiss at stop lights (sometimes)
  • never end a phone conversation with anything but “I love you.”
  • dance
  • go on walks
  • randomly text or email “I love you” or “I miss you” messages
  • tease, tickle, and laugh together
  • sing along to the radio

Sorry if any of that makes you uncomfortable, but I don’t really care. 

We have been married for 7 years, together for 11 years and 9 months, had two beautiful children together, and we are still madly in love. 

We must be doing something right.


This is our fairy tale. I love every minute of it.




I Am Going to Join the Circus

Do you know what I’ve noticed? 

I’ve noticed that the majority of my blog referrals come from Facebook. 

I’ve also noticed that when I post a blog to Facebook, the first 30 or so words from my blog appear next to the link.

So, I think I should make the effort to make those first 30 words really electrifying and gripping.  Like, “And then my hair was on fire.”

Except obviously not this time, since I just blew my first 50 words talking about my first 30 words.  So stay tuned!

I have decided that my talents are quite suited for the circus. 

I’m going to be a professional juggler.

Except, you know. I can’t juggle.


But.  But! BUT…

I can juggle a million other things.  I do it without really thinking, too.  I am an absent-minded juggler.  Wouldn’t you pay millions of dollars or at least a quarter to see an absent-minded juggler?!

I daily juggle motherhood, wifehood, daughterhood, teacherhood, car hoods, sisterhood, bill-payer-hood.  I’m all up in the hood, apparently.

And I could make you a big list of the little things that go into each one of those big things, but that would be boring and I am also not that much of a whiner or attention whore.  Plus if I saw an actual list of this stuff, I would be all overwhelmed and probably just freak the heck out.

This, for example, is my partial grocery list. That woman in the center must be a neighbor that wandered in and got lost. Cuz she sure as hell ain't my secretary!

The good news is that I seem to pulling it all off.  Or give the impression of doing so, anyway.  And instead of being all overwhelmed, I am actually really happy with my busy, crazy life. 

(Well. Usually. I have my moments when I am like OHMYGOD)

(And except for laundry.)

(I hate laundry.)

(But I love parentheses!)

And I seem to be doing okay.  Neither of my children is in therapy.  They actually seem to love me most of the time except when I say “No, you cannot have one more squinkie or mommy will just explode.”

My husband still hangs around and seems to like me.

And I’m getting lots of praise for my teaching.

So I must be doing something right!

Plus, I love to look at the optimistic side of things.  I’m busy and crazy but I’m never bored…and I interact with so many people in a positive way that I have a smile on my face at least 90% of every day.  Who can complain about that?

Look at me juggling happily! Isn't my hair cute? Oh wait, that's not me. I don't have shoes that color. Or lips that big.

 Although I do have to admit that some things may slip through the cracks.  Which may be why I toured the entire Akron Zoo yesterday with my shirt inside out.  You win some, you lose some.