Happy Hurricane Day!

I live in Northeast Ohio.  We kind of get the short end of the weather stick in a lot of ways.  We’re a little too far north to get lots of tropical temps and all the benefits, and we are a little too far South to get enough snow to do awesome things like build igloos.

However, we do manage to get heat waves, floods, tornadoes, blizzards, earthquakes (!), lake effect snow, droughts, northeasters and massive rain and wind storms.  But a hurricane.  That’s pretty much something we avoid, being smack dab in the middle of a continent and all.  Until now anyways!  Ohio got it’s first hurricane last night!  Woot!  Hi Sandy!  Lots of rain and wind and my house made noises it is probably not supposed to really make!

Anyways, here is my favorite interpretation of Ohio’s four seasons for you to giggle at.  Or point and make fun of.  Whatever.

Season One: Almost Winter (some people call this fall)

Season Two: Winter (this season lasts six months in Ohio)

Season Three: Still Winter (some people call this spring, I think)

Season Four: Construction (aka-when we get the shit done we can’t get done the other ten months of the year. Notice that the grass is all dead from the extreme heat)

I would not have lived for 30+ years in Ohio if I did not enjoy it, so do not fill my comment boxes with nastiness about moving if you don’t like it.  I don’t have to move if I don’t like the weather.  I live in Ohio.  I wait five minutes.


The Good Day


Don’t say it too loudly, but Northeast Ohio has been giving us some fantastic weather lately.

Yeah, I probably just jinxed us.  It will probably snow 4 inches overnight.

(Not 6 inches.  That would give us a snow day, and Ohio doesn’t work like that.)

Never underestimate the chances of “More Winter” invading “Road Construction”

So anyways, awesome weather means that it has just been…great.

Today was such a good day.  It wasn’t spectacular or amazing or out of the ordinary.  It was just deliciously, deeply good.

I got a large task done at work that I’ve been tackling for a while.

I came home to hugs from my hubby and my children.  My husband watched the kids while I took a short nap.  (Naps are fantastic…but I always feel guilty for taking them.  Am I the only one?  Yeah?  Fine then.)  On the negative side, I thought of an excellent Facebook status as I dozed off…then I forgot it.  Wisdom lost for all time, folks.

After my nap we played and did art together and practiced Corinne’s letter cards.  We read some stories.  We watched some Scooby Doo.

For dinner I made one of our favorites, Brunswick stew.  For once, the girls were happily occupied in their own toy kitchen and did not attempt to fall in the soup/add toys to the pot/drop bar stools on my feet.  I also made some ranch snack crackers. SO addicting.  Those crackers turned out to be all Ashlynn ate for dinner, but whatever, you know?  She’s not going to starve to death.  She’ll just be…ranchy, I guess?

And she’ll have great views and horses and invite mom to come for vacation every winter…oh sorry. Got distracted.

After dinner we grabbed popsicles and played outside until dusk fell.  We came in and did the pajama routine, then we started Stuart Little.  The girls saw the movie and fell in love, and bibliophile that I am, I couldn’t let it go at that.  A) I’ve been dying to start reading them chapter books, and B) They did a truly awful job with that movie.

Hugs and kisses and the girls were in bed, on time, and with a minimum of excuses to get up and whining.

(I swear, the other night Ashlynn got up FOUR TIMES to ask me if I was going to feed her breakfast the next morning.  I know sarcasm is lost on young children, but I was finally like “What?! Do you think I would suddenly and randomly decide that tomorrow is the first day in your life I would cancel breakfast?!  TO SLEEP!!!!  GO!!!”)

Also the dog stalked neighbors out the window while totally missing the squirrel two feet from the house that was making faces at him.  Thank God we have an electronic security system.

Now it’s time for a bath and a book and probably some brain-rotting tv.  Hopefully no insomnia, as my pre-interview jitters have turned into “the million things I want to do with my class next year” ideas and I’ve been running on fumes the past week.

My husband will be home soon.  I love and miss him and we’ll probably curl up on the couch together.  What was that noise?  Did you hear that?  It sounded like gagging.  Oh well.  Must be imagining things.

Ooooo, and it sounds like there’s a thunderstorm coming!  I sleep best with rain pouring down!

Who needs TV?

There you go.  My good day.  Deliciously, happily good. What makes your days good?  I know you’re out there, readers!  Comment and share!



So we have a lot of interesting conversations in my house.  The kids ask the weirdest questions and they usually won’t take “I don’t know” as an answer.  Sometimes I just know the answer, sometimes we look it up together, and sometimes we get into a hilarious debate…

For this conversation to be best read, imagine Corinne getting more and more angry while I answer at my most droll and didactic.

Corinne:  Mom!  The clouds are covering up the sun!

Me: Yup.

Corinne: But I wanted it to be a beautiful day!  Now there’s clouds out there!

Me:  And what would you like me to do?

Corinne:  Well, fix the weather!

Me:  I don’t control the weather, Corinne.

Corinne: Then get a job!

Me:  What?  I have a job.  I’m a teacher.

Corinne: Well get a job to be on TV and control the weather!

Me: You mean the weatherman? Corinne, the weatherman on TV tells us what the weather might be.  He doesn’t control it.  God controls the weather.

Corinne:  No he doesn’t.  The men on TV do.  They stand in front of a map and everything.

Me:  No, Corinne, God controls the weather.

Corinne:  Well then tell God I want it to be a sunny day!!!

This is where I pretty much gave up on the conversation.  I guess it’s kind of cool that my kid thinks I am so awesome that I control the weather.  Although it’s uncool that she thinks I need to “get a job!” And this isn’t the first time Corinne has accused me of abusing the direct line to God she suspects I have.