Hey I’m not Dead.

Just to let you know, I am not dead. About a week ago, lightning hit a car across the street from our house and effectively took out our phone, cable and Internet. And AT&T, being the gem that it is, hasn’t fixed anything yet.

So we’ve been having lots of conversations like this at my house:

Child: Can we watch TV?
Me: No, the cable’s out.
Child: Can we watch Netflix?
Me: No, the Internet is out.
Child: Can I play on abcmouse.com?
Me: No, the Internet is out.
Child: Well, can we watch TV?
Me: We’ve covered this already.

I have that conversations about 10 times a day. Heaven forbid my deprived children have to play with their room full of toys.

You know how you hear people say:

“We went a month without TV! Best thing ever! We realized we can live without TV in our lives!!”

Yeah, I’m totally not one of those people.

So anyways, since the Internet is down (except for the 3G on our iPhones), I have, of course, thought of like 50 blog posts I want to write. Don’t get excited, I’ll probably forget most of them as soon as the AT&T truck backs out of the driveway. In the meantime, this is about as much of a post as you’re gonna get since I have to type it on my tiny, tiny iPhone screen.


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